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(1) Internship


We offer 3 months of unpaid internships. The interns will have to work remotely and coordinate with the editorial team.


Who do we need? Eligibility

  • Undergraduate and graduate students of Journalism, Mass media, Arts, Social Sciences, Development studies.

  • Young Professionals can also apply.


What do we expect from an intern?

  • Interest towards storytelling and communication

  • Follow news, keep updated on current happenings and socio-political issues.

  • Self-learner, efficient, productive, capable of multitasking



We require interns for the following roles:

Feature Writing

  • Research, suggest story ideas to the editorial team, interview people and write feature-length stories on the approved ideas.



News Writing

  • Research, report, interview and write on current affairs, news stories.


  • Examine and correct documents for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation marks, consistency in the text style like fonts like bold and italics, spacing, underscore etc.



Copy Editing

  • Review the text to improve its flow and structure. To ensure that the document meets all the conventions of good writing, grammar, usage of correct vocabulary and the placement of text. To ensure overall consistency and accuracy of the content.



Translation (Hindi/Marathi to English)

  • Translation of the News and Feature article.



  • To help the editorial team on the stories by research, gathering data and information through reliable sources, checking authenticity, verifying facts.



  • Conceptualise and design creative works and graphical representations such as pictures, collages, artworks etc according to the content to be published. Editing pictures, helping in other design work as required by the editorial team.



Video Production

  • Conceptualise and create videos (feature and informative) on the story ideas approved by the editorial team. Editing the videos provided by the team.


To apply, kindly send your CV with a cover letter to:

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook


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