आईच्या भाकरीची फिलॉसॉफी / Philosophy of Mother's Bhakri

By प्रशांत उ.वी / Prashant U V

भाकरीच्या गोल कक्षेत फिरणारा माझ्या आईचा संसार

स्वतःचे हात भाजून माझ्या हातात देतो पेन नावाचं शास्त्र पण त्याच पेनाने भाकरीच्या गोल कक्षेची केलेली कविता कधीच सुरुंग लाऊन फोडत नाहीत तिच्या कक्षा तेव्हा पेरू वाटतात मला लक्षावधी सुरुंग माझ्या भोवती तयार झालेल्या प्रिव्हीलेजच्या कक्षा फोडण्यासाठी.


In the round Orbit of the Bhakri

There wanders the world of my mother Burning her own Hands She gives me a weapon called a Pen With the same Pen, I wrote this poem on the orbit of Bhakri But it never breaks

Her orbit with an explosion of mines

Then I feel to plant millions of mines

to Shatter the orbit of Privilege formed around Me

Translated by Nikhil Latagajanan

Author: Prashant U.V is a TISS Mumbai graduate, in Master's in Media and Cultural Studies. He is a documentary maker and photographer. His project 'Occupational Inheritance' was exhibited at The Institute for Endotic Research (TIER), Berlin, Germany. He also has been a JENESYS (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) Fellow for a conference in Japan.

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