- रितेश शेंडे

आणि आज जाग आली जिवंतपणाची !!

मग आज पर्यंत काय मेलेला होता

चालता बोलतांना रोज दिसायचा

काय भाउ, कसा आहे हे रोज विचारायचा !!

खाउन पिउन तंग

उरल तर मंग

म्हणनारा तुच …

मग आज काय अस,

कारण …

ही व्यथा आहे,

समाज व्यवस्थेची प्रथा आहे

काल पर्यंत तु मेलेला होता

मग आज जिवंत कसा आहे !!

शोषीत, पिडीत, वंचीत, बहिष्कृत

हे तुझेच नाव

समाज व्यवस्थेने मारलेले घाव

विकासाच्या या वाट चालेवर

मध्यस्वरूपी तुझेच नाव !!

तु फक्त एक विषय आहे

तुला ना कशाचा आश्रय आहे

तु खंबीरपणे आज जागा हे

कारण ………

तुझ्यात आज ही एक श्वास आहे !!

Ritesh Shende is working as an ‘Advocacy Officer’ with Child Rights Observatory, Madhya Pradesh,

He is graduated in Livelihood and Social Entrepreneurship, from Tata Institute of Social Sciences.


English Translation by Ayush Angre

Today I am awake and I feel really alive!!

Does that means i was dead all this time

I could see him talking and walking

Hey brother, how are you he asks everyday

You had your stomach filled

The question was for what’s remaining

This was you who used to asked that

But what is the reason, today

This is the sad story,

Of the arraigned society

Till yesterday you were dead

So how are you alive today!!

Exploited, victimized, deprived, excluded

This is your name

This is a wound that society gave to you

On the path of development

Mediocre there is your name!!

You are just one topic

You don’t have any shelter

You are awake and strong

The reason.

There is a breath left in you!!

Ayush Angre is an Intern with The Colourboard.

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