11th July - Timeline of Dalits massacre in history on canvas

By Dr. Sunil Abhiman Avachar

After Independence, Dalits have only received brutal caste violence & atrocities in Indian society. No day passes by without hearing a case of caste violence, murder, rape and degradation. Among it, 11th July registers these brutal violence on Dalits.

11th July 1996

11th July 1997

11th July 2016

The incidents took place on these dates are extremely abnoxious and painful. What happened..?

On 11th July, A private caste army, Ranvir Sena in Bihar brutally massacred 21 Dalits in day light that involved children, women. Later our judiciary acquitted these killers.

Second terrifying is from Maharashtra. 11 Dalits were killed in indiscriminate fire by police for conducting peaceful protest on 11th July 1997.

Third is from Gujarat. Four Dalits were were publicly lynched by self-declared Gaurakshak and upper caste goons on 11th July 2016. Gujrat Model did not appear to be working for Dalits

Such atrocious and painful incidents are normalised in our calendars but the scars and pain it has left on us cannot be erased easily. It continues to remind us of our struggle for meaningful existence.

Dalit history is a history of endless pain, hurt and humiliation and still awaiting for justice. Dalits stands firmly against armed and cruel tormentor with a blue flag of equality.

Dr. Sunil Abhiman Awachar is an Ambedkarite artist and professor of Marathi literature at Mumbai University.

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