Are video streaming services changing the theatre experience ?

By Jyothi Ganta

As the prolonged lockdown forced people to stay at home there are very less choices left for entertainment especially for those who like to go out. For the people who love to watch movies the OTT (On The Top) emerges as a popular alternative to enjoy movies and web series.

Nearly one third out of 1.36 billion Indians now have smartphones. Having an affordable and easy access to internet with a verity of content, a large section of people who previously used to go to theatres is now shifted towards online video streaming which made watching a film easier just sitting at home as per their convinienc.

Most if these platform have a paid subscription through which they generate revenue. Platform such as Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstar, Zee5, Voot are some of the popular names in this segment.

The reason these platform are becoming popular is that, they create their own verity of contentwhile experimenting with different genres and they try to make it relatable to the audience.

Though the OTT has pulled a large section of population movie theatres are still kept their exclusive position in the game. They are not out of the trend because of the ott platforms as there are people who still prefer to watch movies in theatres than video streaming.

Especially when it comes to family, people choose to go to theatres bacause it not just about watching a movie but to take a break from everyday routine to spend some quality timeoutdoors and having fun. The college going youth offen find it thrilling to bunk a class and go for a movie. Many people just go to theatres alone nit just to watch a movie but to spend time with themselves.

Watching a film in theatres is altogether different from watching the same at home through video stream. Theatre can give a complete cinematic experience with the large screen, extraordinary sound, comforting ambiance with which audince can focus completely on the film without any distraction unlike video streaming. But then the variety, accessibility and flexibility that the ott platform offers cannot be achieved by the theatres.

Another important thing to be consider that the theatre can only provide a chance to watch a newly released movie and it does it best even if that movie is available online. But if one wants to watch an old movie, online platforms are the only option.

In our opinion both of these platform have their advantages and its not really possible to conclude which is best since its up to the audience what they prefers according to their needs. As of now it is evident that both ott and theatre are performing well in terms of audience turnover.

Jyothi Ganta is an intern at The Colourboard. She is pursuing Bachelors in Mass Media.


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