Being a woman

Being a woman is dam easy 

After all it's not a big deal to be sassy, 

All you have to do is listen and believe 

People know better and  that's the relief 

You don't have to go out 

So others won't shout 

Don't give your opinion 

Cause you are not one in a million 

You have to create lives 

But it's not important in people's eyes and 

For that though you bleed but 

That's impure indeed 

Leave your home 

Leave your passion 

Cause sacrifice is only women's possession 

People might consider you as an object 

But that can't be a topic or a subject 

Your body won't be your own 

Others will comment but you just 

have to be in your safe zone 

How you look is more important than what you feel 

But as you are a woman 

It's not even a big deal 

Follow the list of do's and don'ts 

And society will accept you without any tonts 

So you see , being a woman is dam easy ..... 

Isn't it ?

Janhavi Nagdeve, BA 1st year student, Fergusson College, Pune

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