By Samruddhi Dole

The wheel was invented

And so was I, soon after

Everyone enjoyed me

I filled the air with laughter

I helped them reach the destination

And enjoy the cool breeze

Play around with friends and family

Glad to be a part of their tease

But then came the motorcycle

Followed by the fancy cars

They did my work better

And left me with bitter scars

Due to lack of exercise

Eventually they come to me

When they are full of flab

They cycle through to fit in the tee

Yet, even today the little ones

Demand me on their birthdays

Those glees of innocence and love

Fill my heart, leaving me gay

I am the ultimate pillar, the support

For the underprivileged, the poor

Thus was proved by Jyoti Kumari of Bihar

In difficult times of lockdown, this year

So, on this world bicycle's day

I urge you to pedal, my friend

And help our mother nature

In preventing her polluted end!

Samruddhi Dole is a Student of Government Medical College, Miraj

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