Caste and Race are parallel struggles

Like we see Black people struggling against Racism in western countries and people protesting in big numbers, bringing it to our notice that in India how similarly or more dangerous Caste discrimination is playing its role, but no such protests have been there.

Mr Ravikeerthi a Social activist from Karnataka who is a Mechanical engineer, with his wife Adv. Mayuri Keerthi, practicing in High Court of Nagpur, who is also working for Bahujan awareness in the field of social, economical, political and cultural activities along with their son Amitabh Keerti, who studies in 6th standard, gave this message of parallel struggles of Blacks of America and Bahujans of India.

This couple went to the Samvidhan square in Nagpur to mark their protest against both the social evils.

It is important to bring it to the notice of Indians, that when we critique Americans for Racism, we must also talk about the inhuman Castiesm in India.


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