Five arrested in Kanpur lab technician Sanjeet Yadav Murder case

By The Colourboard Desk

Five people including two friends of the Sanjeet Yadav have been arrested in his murder case.

Sanjeet Yadav, a lab technician from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh who was kidnapped on June 22, has been murdered, police informed.

On June 22, Yadav was kidnapped while he was returning to his home. Next day, his family members registered a complaint at the Janata Nagar police station.

On June 29, the family members of the deceased claimed that they received a call from the kidnappers who demanded a Rs 30 lakh ransom, they further said, On July 13, the money was paid to the kidnappers in the presence of the police.

However there is uncertainty about the authenticity of money demanded and paid as the deseased sister gave ambiguous statements.

"The claim of payment of Rs 30 lakh is not true. When they were asked about the source of money, they could not give satisfactory answers", said Superintendent of Police, Aprana Gupta.

The Uttar Pradesh Police said that the kidnappers killed the young technician last month, and dumped his body in the Pandu River.

There is a twitter storm running with #PresidentRuleInUP demanding a call out to the UP government claiming various series of crimes happening in Uttar Pradesh, including Sajeet Yadav case.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi tweeted "A new Gundaraja has arrived. Law and order in this jungle raj have surrendered to the goons."

"The law and order situation in UP has collapsed. It is now being taken care of after common people are being killed. Be it home, road, office, no one feels safe. After Vikram Joshi, now abducted Sanjit Yadav in Kanpur," Gandhi added.


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