Frontline Corona warriors - Story of a Nurse

By Jyothi Ganta

Pandemic covid 19 is still on and we are staying home since more than 3 months. To stay safe, indeed this is necessary, no matter how bored we get. Some people have lost their jobs, their earnings and everything during this lockdown, some are privileged to have work from home, ie staying home, working and earning, what could be a better solution in such a dangerous situation outside. But yes, there are people who still have to get out of their home’s to save other's lives. We have named them Corona Warriors, because this work is no less than a warrior.

Following is an Interview of such a warrior.

Aparna Palilkar who stays at Ghatkopar, age 42 and is working as Nurse at Apollo clinic, Andheri since last 2 years.

She has to go to the clinic weekly to check patients. Talking about traveling, Aparna has to take a walk of 30 minutes to the bus stop and wait for the bus which usually comes late. As their clinic doesn’t provide any special transportation facilities, she has to take the available BEST bus for traveling.

After arriving to the clinic she has to sanitize herself and wear a PPE kit which is usually a 'use and throw' kit and it is very uncomfortable during these summer days but she has to, to protect herself and others from the virus. She along with other 2 Nurses has to test at least 50-60 patients a day, in which they just found 2 positive cases till now.

The clinic she works in, provides every possible equipment they need. As she works in blood test and sonography department, she’s provided with the kits needed.

When asked her about “How is your mental state when you test a patient?”

which she said “I don’t see them as infected people, if we get scared to treat people how are they going to get well. Though we’re not allowed to touch them, I talk to them keeping my distance and make them comfortable”.

Whenever a person’s reports comes positive, she tells them to get tested again just to confirm if it is covid-19 or not, as it also can be any normal infection occurred by fever. She tells them to self quarantine themselves in their homes just for precaution.

When asked if she ever gets scared of virus, she said, "of course I get scared a little, but what can we do, it is my job to treat people."

Continuing with her answer she said, "If I would’ve been staying alone, the virus wouldn’t have my concern this much but I stay with my family and have a child, I can’t risk their lives. Also have a family right beside my home who have 2 kids."

Talking about her kid she said “I’ve explained him everything about the virus, he’s prepared for whatever may happen in future, he’s stronger than me."

When she comes home back from work, she takes out her gloves and shoes, sanitizes them and takes a bath, puts her clothes into the hot water, then only enters the home but still avoids to roam around in the neighbourhood. In a country where once family never supported their daughters or allow them to go outside to work; Aparna's family fully supports her for what she is doing. Indeed they are proud of her. She too is really proud of her profession and she continues to treat people without being afraid of getting infected, though she takes all precautions.

At these crucial times where even a closest person looks at you with a suspicion, she being a complete stranger has put ther life at risk to treat others, as it is her first priority while staying away from family.

Jyothi Ganta is an Intern at The Colourboard.

She is persuing her Bachelors in Mass Media.

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