Galaxy within

By Kshiti Patil

I open my eyes

Inside this darkness,

When my heartbeat is unfamiliar,

When I face myself in the mirror

That fear sticken-glare,

Recycled questions?

Yes, here I get the answer

If looked in a certain way

Its harder to love self

than to love someone else

I know that hesitation

because even spoken through heart

It will eventually come back as a scar

It’s possible, there won’t be an answer

in a way this may not be an answer either

I’ll not say such obvious things as

“have strength”

I will tell you

this is a mirage,

that isnt a mirage

did we made it..?

No, we were here

just believe in your galaxy (heart)

just hear your melody (inner voice)

this will help the stars of your galaxy

embroider your sky

Why do we keep wanting

to hide ourself behind the mask

even the scars that were

formed by my mistakes

are my very own constellations.

Kshiti Patil is student pursuing HSC from Nagpur.

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