I can't breathe....

By Rupali Jadhav

I can't breathe

because of discrimination 

because of racism

because of class 

because of caste

because of gender 

The whole world is like a jail

They don't allow me

Freedom of speech

Freedom of thought

Freedom of expression

Freedom of livelihood

There are two parts of the world

One world is of the exploiters

One world is of the exploited  

All happiness goes to those

Who are White

Who are Savarna

Who are privileged

But I am not in all these categories

They lost all their emotions

They lost all their humanity

They lost their soul

I am just a small Person

I am just a Human

"Who can't breathe In this Crowd".

Rupali Jadhav is an Artist and Social Activist with Kabir Kala Manch, Pune.

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