“Jab Miya Biwi Razi toh kya karega Kazi”-Lockdown wedding

All Beautiful Brides & Grooms to be, who are desperately waiting for end this Pandemic and they can enjoy their wedding, it is strange time that everybody is experiencing, also for the Parents from both the sides who are having tons of questions and worries. It is understood that you’ve planned this day for months, and in some cases, years.

Many people agonized over every little details starting with the trimming on your dupatta to the exact shade of gold on your partner’s sherwani. The sangeet playlists, the Mehandi designs, the food Menu at your reception, every decision took days and a dozen of excel sheets. You factored in emergencies, but nope, not a pandemic for sure.

Some of the people might have their wedding date during this lockdown period but since the pandemic shows no sign of plateauing and one of the most important days of your life has to play out much, much differently than you had planned.

Heartbreaking? Would seem so.

Never mind, I am here trying to share our few experiences and tips for Lockdown wedding.

There are two types of people in this world,

One who want big fat Indian Wedding with all the Dance and drama & other one are Who loves the Intimate Wedding with their close ones.

And as per this,

Type one are already postponed the wedding but Others couples are choosing to get married as per their choice in simple, intimate ceremonies that are just about them.

But in general, recasting the idea of the big fat Indian wedding with guest lists running into many hundreds, sometimes up to thousands; and lakhs of rupees spent on multiple functions and elaborate clothes has taken a back seat.

But Now time has changed, couples are going back to the basics on arguably the most important day of their lives.

It’s not an easy task to rearrange thing which is actually wedding things according to wedding guidelines given by government.

Below some of the important notes (as per the MH guidelines) which you definitely take look on this.

A. Check-Recheck you’re planning!!

So, first, you need to recheck you wedding planning now, all the terms are changed, get connect with all the Vendors if you already booked the venues, decorators, caterers asked them to cancel and refund.

This pandemic, even these vendors suffered a lot so we need to understand their situation also.

Try & find a middle way while negotiating.

B. Guest List

As per Maharashtra Government’s current guidelines, Red Zones & Containment Zones have 20 people approval and for Green Zones 50 people are allowed.

Just remember, you get to celebrate one of the biggest days of your life surrounded by people who love you. So choose guest list wisely.

P.S, The photographer, decorator, Cateres, Makeup artist are included in this count.

C. Venue Venue, Venue

As per your guest list you can choose your Venue, if you want to customized your wedding then you can go with Home rooftops, backyards, your hall this will all give warm vibes for wedding and also you can personalized your wedding with lot of DIY’s because no one can understand your home spaces besides you, also you can save lot of money.

Otherwise, Small Venues like Community halls or places of worship, small banquets are open now, reach out to them we need to confirm our wedding list to them accordingly they will take the permission for wedding.

For Small Venues, you should definitely give extra eye on below:-

1. Avoid overcrowding and ensuring physical social distancing among attendees.

2. In the case of Indoor venues like banquets or church Proper ventilation and proper seating arrangement is compulsory.

3. Thermal Screening panel at the entrance, Also, outside bags or other belongings will not be allowed, mask have to change at the entrance, fresh masks are given at entrance and exit of the venue.

4. Whole Venue should be properly sanitized before the event and during event all precautionary measures needs to be taken care of.

5. Everybody needs to confirm their Mode of transportation and If they are commuting interdistrict they need to have “Arogya Setu” app in the phone.

6. While planning a lockdown wedding you must remember to inform the guests about what all measures they would need to take during these times. Sending out all instructions of dos and don'ts before the wedding would be very helpful. We ensured that complete sanitisation processes were followed before and during the wedding."

D. Lockdown Shopping

This is one of the emotional dilemma for the Bride, everybody have their special Sabysacchi Wedding Lehanga in their mind but we need to control on our emotions and take charge of this.

There are so many local Shopper are available, just find nearest one and ask them to come to visit with the wardrobe. This is the best time you can support local business & there are so many of these outfits & accessories available on instagram and facebook with variety of clothes.

E. Food

For Indian, Food is heart of every celebration but this current situation we can skip the proper food to snacks which is helpful for everyone safety.

Otherwise we can go for Buffet service with all the precautionary measures.

F. Decor

This is the best time for your personalized wedding with DIY ideas, thease ceremonies are all about you,your family and close friends so arrange homemade décor ideas with portraits, family photos, all your happy memories.

G. Entertainment

Arrange Games, Dances for new couples, make your own playlist to feel more warm or else every squad definetly have one DJ so this is the time you can appreciate their work.

H. Photography, Cinematography & MUA

Like I said, we always have one friend who is our own photographer so bring it on!! This applies for make up too.

Don’t forget to Facebook/Insta Live or Zoom to share your joy and get connected with everybody.

Pandemic or not, this is your day….so bring on that ear to ear smile.

Enjoy each and every moment of your wedding & let people say…..

“Miya, Biwi Razi toh kya karege kazi”

Sheetal Jadhav

Co-founder of “Chaiwaalis”- Event Production and Wedding Planner




Picture courtesy - Dream catchers



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