Primitive Nepotism of Upper Caste

By Rahul Sonpimple

The conflict within Bollywood is not unusual. It is a conflict between so called 'Urban Upper Caste' and 'Traditional Upper Caste.'Upper caste across the regions and religions. Moreover its a Caste economy which has been controlled by few Savarna castes; Brahmin, Khatri, Pathan , Ashraf etc. It is bery similar to local landlord Vs corporate boss, English speaking first worldly upper caste Vs small town Hindi speaking twice born.

Politically it is like Congress Vs BJP, Idelogically it is like Indian Left wing Vs Right wing, or even it could be seen as Arnab Goswami Vs Ravish Kumar. Its a power struggle between 'Insider Upper Caste' and 'Outsider' upper Caste.

It is actually their centuries old Barbarism, and here too we Dalits and Adivasis, Backwards are nowhere and nothing but just cheap labour. It's their world, it's their discourse, its their filth.

Rahul sonpimple is a PhD scholar and BAPSA member at Jawaharlala Nehru University, Delhi.

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