Rail-roko by Non-essential workers at Nallasopara station of Mumbai

By The Colourboard Desk

On Wednesday morning, non-essential workers did a protest at Nalasopara railway station in Mumbai, demanding to travel in local trains to go to their workplaces.

As per the state government guidelines, Train services in Mumbai are strictly running for essential workers like medical staff, policemen and municipal workers.

The sudden protest by the commuters from the non-essential sector disrupted the schedule of the local trains.

Non-essential workers were travelling by bus from the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) depot at Nalasopara. However, due to rise in the number of passengers, officials have restricted them to ensure social distancing amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unlike today, regularly over 100 buses run from the depot. So today in the morning when no bus left, the commuters protested at the ST depot and then moved towards the station.

The workers gathered at Nalasopara Railway station at around 8 O' clock in the morning to protest against the decision of MSRTC. Some of the agitators also jumped down onto the tracks, disrupting train operations for about five minutes before they were asked to disperse by the security. The situation normalised at 8.45 am.

Western Railway said that a case has been registered against unknown persons at Nalasopara station under sections 145 (b), 147 & 174 (a) of Railway Act.


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