Surveillance on Nagpur Sanitation workers through GPS watches; Mundhe shared on social media.

By The Colourboard Desk

On Monday, 27 July, Nagpur municipal commissioner Tukaram Mundhe shared a video on Twitter where he is seen convincing the use of technology to “improve governance” in the city of Nagpur. He explained how the sanitation workers in the city are supposed to wear GPS watches to closely keep a track over all their movements. He claimed, that this is done to increase the “efficiency of work & better utilization of resources.”

In this 2 minute long video he said, "If the worker is even one minute late to his workplace or found not working, he will get a call directly and will be consideredp without pay for that day."

Municipal commissioner in the month of March had terminated 28 Sanitary workers and had initiated an inquiry over 35 workers for being absent from duty without intimating department.

Claiming it to be a solution for this, the NMC has made the Sanitation workers to wear GPS (Global Positioning System)-enabled wrist watches to keep a live- track over their each and every move.

NMC is implementing the project under the Smart City Project. NMC will get the fund from Central Government under Smart City mission. The monthly expense for this will be around Rs 16.56 lakh.

This is found to be a two-year-old project, which couldn't happen since these years as it has been opposed by sanitation workers and the activists.

These large-dial watches, which Mundhe was promoting through social media are used to live-track every possible movement of the sanitation workers, to which they have been opposing since a long time. Rights activists too have opposed to this micro-level surveillance and said it to be a violation of their privacy and dignity also these GPS-enabled efficiency trackers with no regard for ethics, privacy or data security.


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