"The trouble is, You Think You Have Time."

By Rahul Pagare

If we decode it properly, we will come to know that Buddha left a secret message for us, which many of us neither tried to figure it out, nor they tried to install it in real sense.

Let's Assume that an Average person has a life expectancy of 70 years.

Most of you will say that 70 years seems to be a very long time to live.

I too agree with this view, what if we convert this 70 years into weeks?

Let's try this,

We have 52 weeks in a year, so If we multiply 70 years with 52 weeks, here's what we get,


So approximately, you have 3640 weeks to live on this planet.

Still you think its a lot time to live your life?

You must think again.

Your First 22 to 25 years are spent to complete your education, gain skills to be job ready, clear competitive exam, start a new Business or carry forward the existing one. In true sense, you are just preparing yourself to enter the field of life. On an Average, It takes 25 years for a person to reach the starting line of the rat race.

If we do the math, It becomes 25×52=1300

So its 1300 Weeks already spent to figure out who you are, what you are going to do with your life.

Let's Subtract 3640-1300=2340.

Now you have 2340 weeks to live now,

Still thinking that, It is more time to live?

Please Rethink Again,

Most private and government companies consider 60 years as the maximum Professional age for a person to work. After 60 years, you are bound to take retirement, the company gives you farewell and wishes you a healthy and happy life ahead.

So If your current age is 25, you have more 35 years to create a fortune for you and your future generation.

Let's multiply 35 years with 52 weeks, This results as 35×52=1820

So now you have 1820 weeks of your working life to prove yourself. This comes with an add-on with a life partner, kids, starting a family, growing them up, pay bills, rents, insurances and other miscellaneous expenses. You have to achieve your professional goals by dividing this time with your loved ones, relatives, friends, neighbours and social work (Including Social Media).

Once you reached at the age of 60, you will be covered by health conditions, your work efficiency will decrease and physical strain will increase, your body will not be fit anymore, you might need to take pills to get rid of that joint pain, back pain etc. you will not be an Independent person anymore, You will need a helping hand.

So let's say that the next 10 years of life, that is 10×52=520, you will spend your remaining 520 weeks with your grand childrens and share your life experiences with them.

For now, I am not counting the post retirement time because its a time for you to take care of yourself.

You have already lived your 25 years doing nothing or creating a foundation for what to do in future. So all you have is the next 35 years i.e 1820 weeks.

While you are reading this, in the next couple of days one more week will be reduced from your life, making it 1819 weeks.

Now you might struck it, You have very less time to live. The Time is passing quickly.

Ask yourself, Are you living your weeks with full potential?

Have you gained any core knowledge in past week?

Have you tried to inculcate a new habit in your past week?

Have you tried to build a new skill in past week?

Have you tried to keep your body fit in past week?

Have you tried to enjoy your hobby in past week?

If you do not know the answers of above questions?

Do not Worry...

Before this week ends, plan your next week ahead and live it completely.

Because to live your weeks efficiently, you need to live your days completely.

To live your days completely, you need to cherish each and every moment with gratitude, no matter its good or bad, It shall too pass by.

It's Time to conclude this post,

Your weeks are passing by like the sand passes in hour glass, from one end to another.

You are moving towards your extinction.

The World is changing quickly and the one who is quick to adapt the changes, only he/she can survive and live well.

Make your life count.

For you, the life is not to be lived personally but also socially.

We have more responsibility to promote Ambedkarite Ideology and Buddhist Values.

We need to be Mentally Smart, Physically Fit and Active and Economically Fulfilled.

We need to be Ambedkarites 2.0

Rahul Pagare is a Digital Marketer and a Copywriter.

Runs Facebook and Insta page @Ambedkarites 2.0


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