Topper Snehal Kamble who scored 100% owes her success to Savitribai Phule

By The Colourboard desk

"All the credit of my success goes to Savitribai Phule. If she had not been there, I wouldn't have been here talking with you. I wouldn't have been aware of being a slave, I wouldn't have been aware of the potential I have or that even I am a human being too", says Snehal Kamble, who scored 100% in her SSC results.

Snehal, daughter of Mr Maroti Kamble, a science teacher in a high school and mother Mrs. Maya Kamble a home maker, who always secured top position on the list of Savitribai Phule High School, Babanagar Nanded. She has become the pride for not only girls who have been kept away from education by the patriarchal mindsets who call them brainless, not only for the scheduled caste people who have been labelled as meritless but for everyone.

During her interview with The Colourboard, she said, "Gender and Caste, both are social constructs, and these do not define our capacities, nothing can limit a person, we can explore our potential, which can be limitless."

Hence about particular genders or caste people kept away from education, she urged to let them take education as, "Education helps us to frame our thoughts our ideology, this will help women to take important decisions, be self-dependent, and girls are proving themselves,” she said.

Just scoring good marks doesn't define a person's intellect but the way that person has gained knowledge and the way they reflect it does define it. When asked, 'how have you studied for scoring 100%,' Snehal said, "I do not study for scoring good marks, but I study to gain knowledge, to educate myself, I am focused on learning."

Snehal has a keen interest in science and she wants to take science stream for further academic studies. She is also interested social science and want to learn about our society, how it is divided by discriminations and biases; how these social evils affect lives of people. To pursue this, she aspires to study Mental Health in higher education at the universities like MIT and then work on Mental Health issues in India.

Besides having a good command over academic knowledge and 'reading the society', Snehal's interests are is not limited to studies but she likes music as well. She sings and plays harmonium. She says music helps her relieve from stress and it is also a way to express emotions.

Her parents are proud of her and support her decisions, choice of subjects and career. They believe that apart from good academics, parents must focus on giving good moral education to their children; as Babasaheb Ambedkar said, along with academic education one must be accompanied by morals values. They want their daughters to become a good human being first and later whatever they are interested in.

Snehal aspires to build a university where students could learn academic subjects along with the nonacademic subjects. When asked her about the New Education Policy 2020, she felt good about the decision of being able to choose subjects with majors and minors as per interest.

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