Twenty five percent RTE school admission process started in Bhiwandi taluka

Thane Representative,

Milind Jadhav

School admission process has been started for the academic year 2020-21, with its 25% reserved seats under The Right to Education act. This admission process will be implemented at school level only.

If parents put the number on the form allotted to them on the RTE portal, they will know the date on which the school has called them for admission.Parents will also be notified via SMS by the school.

Parents should bring the original copies of the documents mentioned in the application as well as photocopies with them on their way to school for admission.

After checking the documents, provisional admission of the child will be decided by the headmaster/ headmistress. Parents should not take their child with them on admission. Use a mask and cooperate with the school administration to facilitate the admission process by keeping social distance.Parents should fill up the guarantee form given on the RTE portal to the school during the admission process.

Bhiwandi Taluka RTE

(RTE) Admission Process Verification Committee said,

Parents should note that final admission will be confirmed only after verification of documents.The process will be implemented in schools where COVID 19 is restricted areas only after the ban is lifted. This information was given by Bhiwandi Group Education Officer Nilam Patil.


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