Varavara Rao shifted to JJ Hospital

By The Colourboard Desk

Since waves of concerned Tweets demanded ailing Varavara Rao, to be shifted from the Jail where he was imprisoned since two years finally got shifted to JJ Hospital.

Rao's family members have raised grave concerns about his failing health in a press note where they outlined the ailing conditions of 80-year-old poet and activist, they addressed the media on his deteriorating health. His daughter Pavana said her father suffered from electrolyte imbalance as per medical reports, which can turn fatal if not cured, Since then social media got filled up with furious posts demanding for his immidiate release.

Thousands of citizens appealed to the Maharashtra government to ensure Varavara Rao's medical care. “Nothing under law allows the state to endanger the life of an 81-year-old person in the face of this dreaded pandemic,” they said in a statement.

The Special National Investigation Agency (NIA) Court in Mumbai ordered a rejection of an interim bail application filed on his behalf on June 26 citing ill health and susceptibility to COVID-19 in prison. On July 13, Varavara Rao’s lawyer filed an urgent writ petition in the Bombay High Court against the order.

Rao, has been lodged at the jail since arrested on 31st August 2018, as accused of making inflammatory speeches at the Elgar Parishad conclave held in Pune a day prior to the Bhimakoregao's 200 years anniversary which turned to be violent with attacks over the people and burning of their vehicles.

Instead of catching the perpetrators and other suspects with RSS support like Manohar Bhide against whom FIRs have been registered by the Ambedkarites present during the incident of the violence, the police went on to the Dalit basties the next day cathing up the silent protestors and dumping them into jails with fraud cases and later a nationwide hunt and arrests of activists, social workers, academicians and litterateurs on the grounds provoking and strategizing the whole incident through the Elgar Parishad.


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