Who was Shaheed Udham Singh?

By The Colourboard Desk

Udham Singh is being remembered for his courage to free India from colonial rule on his Death Anniversary. The revolutionary freedom fighter was hanged on July 31, 1940 for killing General Michael O'Dwyer, at Pentonville Prison in London. General O'Dwyer had ordered the massacre of hundreds of innocent Indians at Jallianwala Bagh.

Udham singh was born as Sher Singh on 26 December 1899, in Sangrur. He lost his father early in life. After the death of his father he was taken to the Central Khalsa Orphanage in Amritsar along with his elder brother, Mukta Singh. At the orphanage, Udham Singh received his education and passed his examinations.

He actively participated in the freedom movement and was jailed many times by the British colonial rulers.

It is said after killing General Dwyer, he did not run away from the spot. But instead waited for the cops to arrest him. After a brief trial, he was hanged on this day 80 years ago. He was also named as the "Patient assassin" for plotting the revenge for over twenty years.

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