World Nature conservation day - Equal distribution of resources, Equal responsibility to protect it.

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Today on July 28, The people around the globe are celebrating World Nature Conservation Day. This day is marked globally to spread awareness about the best practices to protect the natural resources, and its optimum use.

It is the most important day that reminds us of the importance of nature in our lives and why we need to conserve it. The day gives us an opportunity to raise awareness about the conservation of nature and encourage sustainability living.

Every year we see that the trees are getting lesser and lesser and the sounds of birds is replaced by the noise of vehicles.

Today when we Celebrate World environment conservation day, because of the global pandemic Covid-19, the moto hasn't been set unlike every year. But we dedicate this one specific day for thinking about nature that we must do conservation practice everyday by ourselves as we all know the resources of the planet are limited and the population is growing everyday and so their of material needs.

Chinmay Patil representing 'Junoon foundation', an organisation started from rural parts of Thane and Palghar districts of Maharastra by youth in 2013, which is working for best practices and betterment of society focusing especially on Education and Environment, quotes for this World Nature conservation day, 2020:

"When the natural resources are being utilised by the whole nation, the cost is beared by the society's working communities in every national setup. Many of them are displaced, denied their rights over resources and also denied the participation in decision making. Going further, if we look at conservation policies, burden of conservation in the name of community projects, tree plantation drives is on this section only. Conservation efforts should start from the section who utilises unproportionately higher resources. Since we all are equal children of mother earth, then why should be inequalities within us, the unequal distribution of resources have made us to observe the world conservation day. Global warming is a worldwide challenge in front of us, whose larger responsibility is on decision making governments and big companies being bigger consumers.

Pictoral representation of environmental crisis by made by Nikita Mahajan for Junoon foundation

We can celebrate this world conservation day by sustainable and environmental living like minimum use of plastic, waste management and its disposal at local level, plantation of tree saplings and so on. Wishing everyone a happy world conservation day!"

Yash Marwah representing 'Let India Breathe'- A volunteer run environmental communications collective which is working hard for environmental protection, says,

"Salute to the people of India and globally who anyways fight for water, air, soil and trees everyday.

Hope the government makes laws to make polluting them difficult and maybe impossible.

We want to remind everyone to read about environment impact assessment draught notification, that is going to dilute a lot of environmental fights. Please read about it and fight for our future.

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