Yes Corona can be cured

By Ayush Angre

It is more than 5 months, since the world is dealing with this Pandemic of covid-19, even after taking all possible preventive measures, after locking down the whole nation, it somehow finds its way to infect people. It jas become the most horrifying situation and there is fear spread all over the world. No matter how difficult and hostile the situations be there are always some people who fight such wars courageously and set an example for others to believe in the ray of hope.

Following is an interview of one such teenaged girl who overcame covid 19 and came back home safely.

Name of the this courageous girl who fought this battle with covid 19 is Kajal (Rani) Waghmare ,who is a resident of Mumbai Central, B.I.T chawl, Belasis road building No.5, Mumbai.

It started with her relative who lived with them and also was pregnant and unknowingly had corona, when kajal went to have dinner with them and had a contact with her. That’s where she got infected, in around 3 to 4 days she felt little sick, had cold and cough. There was a test camp going in her locality which was organized by BMC.

As others, she too went through test there and in couple of days she resulted positive. Her family was devastated, her parents got scared. But the necessary things must be taken care of, so the whole family was tested and the whole building she lived in Mumbai central, B.I.T chawl, Belasis road building No.5, was sanitized as soon as Kajal was tested positive. She was taken to the Police Gymkhana near Marine Drive, where she was quarantined with 10 people, and number of beds available in the center was 30.

They had to follow the most important rule of physical distancing, daily medications was mandatory, couldn't meet people from outside. The day used to start with their checkup, first their body temperature, then the oxygen level in there body. Their meals were on time and the food quality was also good so as to make their immune strong to fight the disease.

But to control their emotions and staying calm was tough. The feeling of loneliness was taking over everyone, even they were not allowed to meet their parents. Kajal was kept under quarantine for 10 days whereas usual duration is of 14 days.

The real task is after she came back home, because she has to follow many rules like those when she was quarantined in the center. She is not allowed to do any work at home not even allowed to touch anything.

"It wasn't that difficult to fight with this desease, as care was taken and proper medicines were given, what was difficult, was to be alone. I remember, whenever I fell sick, my mom used to pamper me, she used to roll her hand over my head, my face and I used to feel better, that healing part I was missing," Rani said.

This is a real story of the survivor and there are many more of such inspiring stories. So It is evident that there is no point in getting scared or panicking but to stay calm and Yes corona can be cured if right steps are taken and the danger of getting infected can be stopped.

According to Worldometer's statistical data there are 86,936 recovered corona cases from total 1,81,827 cases till now.

Ayush Angre is an Intern with The Colourboard.

He is currently persuing his Bachelors of Mass Media from Mumbai.


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